Led a development team to create multi-targeted iTV applications for the Game Show Network. These application allowed WebTV Plus and AOLTV players to view and play along with the interactive content when watching the game shows Mall Masters and $100,000 Pyramid. With very little effort, GSN was able to use HyperTV's authoring environment to create different episodes of these shows.

Customized content provides a rich visual experience, however the cost for creating custom content in an episodic series adds up quickly. Customized content can be reused on a one-off, "copy/paste" methodology, but it is not optimized for re-use and is error prone. Also, clients often wish to create content on their own to control costs and work flow.

To solve this problem, HyperTV created the Episodic Interactive Content System, an engine optimized to deal with this scenario. The EICS breaks up presentation and content so that the design of an interactive experience is not coupled with the content. The benefits of this system provide a cost-effective solution, a consistent look, multiple platform support, series branding, and client authoring capabilities.

The largest benefit of this infrastructure design is that interactive experiences are more easily portable from one delivery platform to another. To deliver to a new platform, a new delivery template simply needs to be created for the platform, be it a PDA, a WAP phone, a WebTV box, a digital cable box, or the web.

By using this system GSN was able to quickly create many episodes of content with very little effort. By using the EICS concepts of Template Creation, Episodic Authoring, Multi-targeted delivery, Content re-use and Series awareness GSN had a great success with these interactive programs.

Java (JSP, Servlets), Oracle, JavaScript, HTML.
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Fig. 1 - Typical Question Screen

Fig. 2 - Wager Type Question

Fig. 3 - Registration Screen