The Logo Management System (LMS) is a browser-based sister application of Adtimes 2000. This system allows the upload of graphic files for use in classified ad entry by categorizing and storing them in The New York Times legacy logo management system. This system is currently only available to Times staff, but its technology will be rolled into Adtimes 2000 and Adtimes Jr. For the advertising agencies the LMS cuts the logo approval process down from 5 days to 1. The LMS utilizes the same graphical user interface concepts as Adtimes 2000, but was modified for cross platform versions of IE 4.0.

LMS shares the same architecture as Adtimes 2000 - Java servlets running on IBM's websphere application server, using DB2 as the database. Unlike Adtimes 2000, which serves XML, the LMS is a browser-based application, which serves HTML.

Java, Java Servlets, Javascript, HTML, DB2, Perl
Sample screenshots. Click on image to enlarge.
Fig. 1 - Home Page for Logo System User

Fig. 2 - Uploading a logo screen

Fig. 3 - Search Results screen