Project manager and lead architect of a Newspaper Classified Ad entry system for The New York Times. This next generation system serves as a transition application from the outdated mainframe to a more modern and robust system that will be tied into the legacy systems. Adtimes 2000 is a web-based classified ad submission system, supporting workflow and communications between The New York Times and its advertising agencies. The system allows agencies to submit, update, or cancel classified ads. It supports the exchange of logo graphics, and allows the Times to post information for any or all agencies.

The consumer version of Adtimes 2000, codenamed Adtimes Jr., will be integrated into one of The New York Times websites. This e-commerce application will allow consumers to submit classified ads, which will appear in The New York Times newspaper as well as their websites.

The client application was designed as a Windows hybrid browser application so that it could be run in either an online or offline mode. The server application runs in any Java servlet environment using either a DB2 or SQL Server database through JDBC. The Java environment is IBM’s websphere Application server, chosen due to The New York Time’s server requirements. The server application replicates data with multiple databases residing on legacy systems as well as pertinent data to the client that is required for offline operation. The application achieves media independence by transmitting ad information using XML. The XML document type definition created for Adtimes 2000 served as the architecture foundation of the Newspaper Association of America’s standard for classified ads, whose committee I serve on.

Visual C++, COM & ActiveX, HTML, JavaScript, Java, Java servlets, XML, Perl, DB2, Ms Access
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Fig. 1 - Home Page for Agency

Fig. 2 - Create an Ad screen

Fig. 3 - To Do screen with Inbox, Outbox, and Draft Ads