SFX Demo


The SFX demo focuses on bringing a convergent streaming experience to Clear Channel/SFX. These web pages will push content to a user who is witnessing video content on an SFX or Clear Channel site. Content may include ads, promotions, games, e-commerce opportunities, as well as artist information such as concert info, fan club info, biography info and news. ACTV will create a platform that will allow Clear Channel/SFX to easily create template and database driven content.

Technical Requirements

  1. Internet Explorer 5 or higher
  2. Windows Media Player 7 or higher
  3. You do NOT need an internet connection - this demo runs locally

To Start

To start the demo, go to the CD's root directory. Load the page index.html into version IE5 or better. Click on the "Enter" button. If you don't see an "Enter" button, you may have to update your browser software. This button will spawn a new window that is appropriately sized for the demo. It may take a few seconds to load. When fully loaded, you will see an "SFX - It's Better Live" ad in the upper left-hand corner and a "U2 - Live at Irving Plaza" piece of content in the bottom section. The video will start to play automatically. You can start and stop the video simply by clicking on the video itself. You also can use the video player's navigation buttons.

The Layout

The screen is broken into 5 main sections.

  1. Title Bar (top) - This the where major branding would go or a banner ad.
  2. Table of contents (middle left) - This is the list of defined chapters within the video. The user can jump to any part of the video that they are interested in.
  3. Video (middle middle, next to TOC)- This is where the video player steams the video.
  4. Push (right middle, next to video) - As the video plays, content will get displayed in this section
  5. Drilldown (bottom) - As the content gets displayed to the push section, it will often have links within it that can be clicked for additional information. The drilldown content will show up in the drilldown section.

Types of Content

  1. Informational - Standard content pushes
  2. Informational with more available (drill down) - Standard content pushes with more information available via a link
  3. eCommerce Opportunity - Content push includes a link to buy something
  4. Interactive - Content push asks user for information
  5. Ad - Content push is an Ad from a sponsor - this content could be clickable

Actual Content

The user can jump to any chapter by using the Table of Contents to the left of the video