Microsoft Cafe – Not quite ready?

 UPDATE – 10/23

Looks like I had my facts wrong.  The first store opened in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I have to say from the photos, it looks a lot different from the Paris version so far.

Check out TidBits for the details –

It has a familiar vibe….seems familiar to me…..could it be…..hmmmmmm


Also – this is hysterical.








During my recent trip to Paris I dropped by the Microsoft Cafe to see how it was going.  Based on all I have read, it seemed as if it would look identical to the Apple Store.  Check out the pix – what do you think?  According to Gizmodo they are supposed to open Oct 22nd.  But based on what I saw on Oct 17th, that seems unlikely.  Will they be delayed like a version of Windows?  Well, based on Windows 7, maybe they will pull it together in time.


The neighborhood they picked I found to be interesting.  I don’t know much about Paris (only there for 4 days), but it wasn’t the "nicest" area.  It was definitely bustling, a ton of people and lots of commerce.  Seemed to me to be more for your average consumer compared to the high end malls that you typically see Apple stores in.


That’s me to the left!

Microsoft Cafe In Paris on Oct 17th

Microsoft Cafe in Paris on Oct 17th

Microsoft Cafe in Paris on Oct 17th