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Automatically Sync Photos between iPhone & Picasa Using Photo Stream (or Dropbox)

The Problem If you are like me, then you wish to use technology on your own terms.  I don’t want to be forced into any particular ecosystem.  Mac vs Windows, iPhone vs Android, etc… I see value in all of them.  I like Mac hardware, but need MS office, so I run VMWare Fusion on […]

Cutting The Cord in Montclair, NJ

I have been at this for years.  This year I decided to really push myself to find alternatives.  This was even fine with my wife who was so sick of regular TV and how it was affecting our kids, she was more than happy to hand me the wire cutters.   We had FIOS, which […]

DartBoston Rule 53 Podcast

  I recently appeared on the Rule 53 Podcast from DartBoston with Tom Petr from  Rule 53 is a new and wonderful podcast where they team up more experienced (older, slower, fatter) folk with people that are just starting out (younger, more energetic, no kids). DartBoston is run by great people including Alexa Scordato […]

Microsoft Cafe – Not quite ready?

 UPDATE – 10/23 Looks like I had my facts wrong.  The first store opened in Scottsdale, Arizona.  I have to say from the photos, it looks a lot different from the Paris version so far. Check out TidBits for the details – It has a familiar vibe….seems familiar to me…..could it be…..hmmmmmm   Also […]

What goes around… OR Living The Dream

  So this post is a long time coming but I finally got it together and it’s a doosie.  As I had posted a while ago about following my dreams, I in fact went out to Petaluma, CA to hang out with Leo Laporte and his entourage for a week.  First, I have to give […]